"ARA" 1989, bronze/granite, 78"h x28"w x38"d

private collection - on extended loan to the Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, New York

Many of my works incorporate anvils, either real or cast. Anvils have the shape suggestive of a boat or vessel which implies journey which interests me. But further, as a metal worker, the anvil is the place where I physically and conceptually forge things together, there is an art spirit that comes off the anvil. Its almost like an altar. I've titled many of these pieces Ara, which is Latin for altar. Also, to me the anvil is the quintessential heavy object, and to get it up in the air creates a wonderful sense of tension. 

John Van Alstine

from, Bones of the Earth: Spirit of the Land

Grayson Press, 1999



                                                                                                                                                                                 Ara at Hyde Collection - JVA wit curator Jonathan Canning



Jersey City Studio 1989 - Ara (l), Odaliaque (m), Rockslide IV (r)