"CAMBRE 7-21"

2021, slate and bronze, 21.5"h x13.5"w x4.5"d (55h x34w x11d cm)


Main Entry: cam·bre
Pronunciation: \'kam-b?r\
Function: verb
Etymology: French cambrer, from Middle French cambre curved, from Latin camur

intransitive verb
: to curve upward in the middle
transitive verb
1 : to arch slightly

2: in dance - to bend slightly at the waist

Cambre 7-21 takes it title from classic ballet where it is defined as:


Arched . The body bent from the waist with the head following the movement.


This work is from a series that underlines the artist's awareness

of the inter-connection between artistic disciplines -

in this case sculpture and dance - and exemplifies his interest in "choreographing"

the typically earth bound materials of stone and steel.



construction July 2021