"Pyxis Awry 2021 (river jam break)", 1/2021, bronze, 6.5"h  x 21"w   x 13"d  (16 x  53 x 33 cm)

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Pyxis is a small and faint constellation in the southern sky. Its name is Latin for a mariner's compass   Pyxis is completely visible in latitudes south of 53 degrees north from January through March.

awry  1 : in a turned or twisted position or direction: askew      2 : off the correct or expected course: amiss


The works in this series feature a “vessel” form - historically understood in art and literature as a

symbol or metaphor for the self, a group of people, human kind. If the vessel's compass is awry it will likely end up adrift, untethered, off course.

My intent with this series is raise questions/search for answers relative to personal (or a group) decisions or courses of action and

shed light on the resulting consequences, whether they are personal, political, environmental.

"river jam break"

As an avid kayaker living and working in a historic lumber mill on the Sacandaga River I am keenly aware and influenced by the location's history where not too many years ago log drives (and log jams) where common. On January 17, 2021 when "Pyxis Awry 2021 (river jam break)" was completed I was sensing a bit of hope and optimism on the horizon by the recent put down and arrests of those who mounted an assault on our nation's capital, a new presidential administration coming, and new effective Covid vaccines with hopefully a more effective roll out.

Like others in the Pyxis Awry series this piece comments on a country adrift, but through its river metaphor subtitle “river jam break”, suggests my positive feeling about the release of the much pent-up energy we witnessed in the recent tumult, and more importantly, the resulting renewed determination for reform, moving us “down river” towards something better.


log jam upper Hudson River near Glens Falls NY

some of these logged floated down the Sacandaga River

past our property c.1890s




fabrication -January 2021