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International Stone Symposium
Kettering, Ohio
September 2002

The City of Kettering CitySites, Art in Public Places program held an international stone carving symposium September 2002 in Kettering, OH. Eight international artists from Italy, U.S.A., Japan, Germany, Bulgaria, Austria and Spain. participated in a three-week stone event.

The symposium utilized large Indiana Limestone blocks approximately 6 feet by 6 feet by 12 feet for each artist. The finished carved work will be installed in various public locations in Kettering. The work will be maintained and catalogued by the CitySites public art program.

John Van Alstine
“9-1-1 MEMORIAL” 12’ high.
Van Alstine created a living memorial to be sited near the City hall in Kettering. It is a sun-activated work. Each year on September 11th the position of the noon sun aligns and cast the tip of a shadow exactly on the specific “911” stainless steel marker creating a yearly reminder of the events of that day 2001

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