"Auger Falls Landscape (low gear)", 1/2024 

Vermont granite and pigmented and sealed steel, 13"h x 24"w x 5"d (33 x 61 x 13 cm)


 Auger Falls on the Sacandaga River, Town of Wells, New York.

It takes its name from its long and spinning (auguring) appearance. There is a large and dominate rock formation at its center.


Auger Falls is a serious set of rapids channeled through a narrow flume in the town of Wells, NY in the southern Adirondacks where I live and work. It takes its name (misspelled as ‘Auger') from its long and auguring appearance. It has a large and dominate stone near the top.


The sculpture captures the churning nature of the falls by guiding the viewer's gaze starting the with the natural stone element and following the overall diagonal downward movement of the piece. Subsequently sliding to the twisted, torqued central steel element, finishing with a nearly horizonal but precariously positioned linear steel tine (appropriated from and old pitch folk) suggesting a finish or settling to flat water.


This entire ensemble is precariously perched on red colored (danger or warning) threaded machine fragment, portending the natural splendor we enjoy is not without possible peril and needs sensible conservation.


As in all of my “landscape works”, I am hoping to capture and convey the power and beauty of the natural world I live in and strongly influences my work. And, at the same time, explore interaction of natural forces and the built environment, conveying the American experience as the confluence/conflict between wilderness and industrialization/development.





fabrication January 2024