"CRONUS II (stone swallower)", 12-2022

riverstone/pigmented and sealed steel, 6"h x13"w 6"d (15 x 33x 13cm)


Rhea presenting Cronus with the stone wrapped in swaddling bands

When Cronus, the Greek mythological figure, learns that he was destined to be overthrown by one of his children like his father was before him, he swallowed all the children Rhea bore him as soon as they were born.


When Rhea had her sixth and final child, Zeus, she spirited him away and hid him in Crete, giving Cronus a rock wrapped in swaddling bands to swallow instead, thus saving her youngest son who would go on to challenge his father's rule and rescue the rest of his siblings.


Zeus grew up and learned the truth about his father and siblings. He tricked Cronus into drinking a potion that made him vomit out his children and the stone. This stone is also known as the Omphalos Stone, which means the navel of the world 4 .


In "CRONUS II (stone swallower)", the round stone is centered within the spiraling circular element suggesting it has been ‘ingested' by Cronus as the myth tells us. It is resting on a red, expressively torqued steel element which presents and intriguing ambiguity; is the red element the swaddling clothes, or the tail of vomit? Perhaps both?





During construction Dec. 2022