1999, bronze / granite  41"h x59"w x31'd


"Some more recent pieces refer to movement of the figure, particularly the Juggler and Pique à Terre series. Pique à terre is a term from classical French ballet for a pose with one toe touching the ground, the other foot firmly planted, and a sweeping arm gesture. Once you are aware of the title, when you see the piece the connection is clear. I am in a sense choreographing these works, getting a heavy weight off the ground and making it dance—taking what is often seen as a negative, the fact that stone is damn heavy and a big hassle to move around, and turning it into a positive. It is this transition that helps give theses pieces their magic"*.

*from : Bones of the Earth, Spirit of the Land. The Sculpture of John Van Alstine





more related info:

This small charcoal drawings is of the sculpture PIQUE A TERRE VI (illustrated on the cover of my book "Bones of the Earth -Spirit of the Land") and reflects the movement and sweeping gesture of classical ballet. The below excerpt from an artist interview that further explains the association.

PIQUE VI (black) , 1997, charcoal on paper, 15"h x20"w