1997, granite / steel, 52"h x106"w x50"d





PIQUE VI (black), 1997, charcoal on paper, 15"h x20"w

This small charcoal drawings is of the sculpture PIQUE A TERRE VI (illustrated on the cover of my book "Bones of the Earth -Spirit of the Land") and reflects the movement and sweeping gesture of classical ballet. The below excerpt from an artist interview that further explains the association.

"Some more recent pieces refer to movement of the figure, particularly the Juggler and Pique à Terre series. Pique à terre is a term from classical French ballet for a pose with one toe touching the ground, the other foot firmly planted, and a sweeping arm gesture. Once you are aware of the title, when you see the piece the connection is clear. I am in a sense choreographing these works, getting a heavy weight off the ground and making it dance—taking what is often seen as a negative, the fact that stone is damn heavy and a big hassle to move around, and turning it into a positive. It is this transition that helps give theses pieces their magic"*.

*from: Bones of the Earth, Spirit of the Land. The Sculpture of John Van Alstine