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Introductory Essay


"In tandem with the evolving visual poetry of John Van Alstine, Nicholas Capasso conjures Van Alstine’s love of stone as material for the hand and the imagination. From his early stone sculptures to his more recent works and public commissions, the essay chronicles the artist'sexploration of the landscape and its seminal role as both stage and actor. Glenn Harper's insightful and complementary interview focuses on Van Alstine's changing approach to style, imagery, and composition. From these texts and the accompanying photographs, the reader gains a new appreciation of the artist's craft and his ability to exploit the dynamic and associative qualities of his work."

Sarah Tanguy
Critic and independent curator, Washington, DC

"The newly published book, Bones of the Earth, Spirit of the Land is a splendid survey covering the past twenty-years of the sculpture, drawings and photographs of John Van Alstine. I have been a strong admirer of Mr. Van Alstine work and this book expands my view and understanding through its sweeping sense of scope and scale. The originality and evolution of the work is compellingly portrayed. The book beautifully conveys the underlying structure, design and content of the work and its connection with the "spirit of the land". I return to the pages of Bones often to admire and be spiritually uplifted."

Edward Brohel, Director
Plattsburgh Museum of Art
SUNY Plattsburgh